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About Us


Actilife physiotherapy clinic and sports rehab center was started in 2017. It ensures the patient receives utmost care, specializing in assessment and diagnosis using a wide variety of techniques and treatment. Some of these include sports & recreation injuries, postural & work related injuries, lifestyle management, core strengthening protocols, musculoskeletal diseases, acute & chronic spinal conditions, geriatric conditions, orthopaedic conditions, neurological condition, etc. We use modern evidence based techniques such as myofascial release, joint mobilization trigger point therapy, combination therapy, electrotherapy, kinesiology tapping, manual therapy and many more. We are happy to offer high quality effective care where we help you in getting rid of your pain and lead you to a pain free life.

We understand the awarding effects of a quality life and work with our patients to establish an active lifestyle.

Dr Chandni Dey (P.T)

Graduated from Tripura University, Dr Chandni holds a bachelors degree in Physiotherapy and has a work experience of over 4 years. She has done fellowship from Vikram Hospital, Bangalore and has also completed her internship from very well renowned hospitals in Bangalore. She has worked with Hosmat hospital Bangalore and Dr Sunny’s Medical Centre as a Consultant Physiotherapist. She thrives by working hard to provide a comfortable and pain free life to her patients.

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