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Actilife Physiotherapy & Sports Rehab

Rehabilitation is to show a patient what they can do for themselves

– Karel Lewit

How we can help

We try to make the best of treatment available to each of our patients. We educate you about your physical conditions, its causes and effects. We determine your current level of functionality and your expected goals. Together, we set out on a plan for achieving and maintaining those goals making it a treatment that works best for you. Our patient’s health is our first priority.

Why Choose us


We solve your physiotherapy problems by using all means available to us.

Reach us

You can reach us with your problem at anytime and in case we are not able to take your call, we will get back to you at the earliest.


We don't disclose your identity to anybody else, all your contact information and medical history stays safe with us.

Best Treatment

We have a team of highly trained professionals and we provide you the best in class treatment and quick recovery.

Patients Testimonials

  • I have been to different Physiotherapy centres over the last 8 years, but did not find long lasting solutions anywhere. Actilife team took the effort to give me the right guidance, diagnose and treat the problem well and give me long term solution to manage the situation. Will highly recommend to anyone looking for solutions to long term chronic issues.

    thumb Rajroop Bhattacharya
    November 14, 2023
  • Greatest experience. I took physiotherapy session for around more than a month with Dr. Prazoon for neck and spine related issues. It was best experience with respect to relief I got. I was in very critical situation when the treatment started even touching the neck or moving my body was super painful. Now at the end of the session I am in really good condition. Plus the guided exercises are really great and helpful which he asked to practice daily to keep it in check for long term. It was amazing the way he understood the issue and explained it with so much clarity and the way he tackled the situation and helped me recover as fast as possible. Really thankful. I will recommend him for physiotherapy. He js the best physiotherapist one can get.

    thumb Sadhna Pandey
    October 24, 2023
  • My dad took treament here in last may for frozen shoulder and he was in terrible pain while doing shoulder movements..Dr chandni explained to us each and everything about the diagnosis and the treatment protocol..asked to take rehab for one month and now my father is completely out of pain . He is even able to do all activities of daily life without any restrictions..he was treated by dr prasun under dr chandni instructions and the effort he has put while treating him is something which every patient will look into..thank u actlife

    thumb Sushree Bidisha Dash
    September 18, 2023
  • I visited the clinic 2 weeks back due to severe neck pain because of sitting and workin for long hours. I took a session for 10 days and believe me, the treatment was shockingly effective! I had tried several medications and treatments before but this is the best and effective treatment I got. By following their instructions, i can now work without any difficulties of my neck pain. Special mention to Dr. Chandini and Dr. Prazoon. They were extremely helpful and kind during the entire course of my treatment. Would suggest anyone with atmost confidence on the effectives and quality of treatment from this Actilife!

    thumb Pranav Prasad
    September 18, 2023
  • I went here based on reviews and must say, extremely pleased with the clinic. Dr Chandni takes every case with the sole goal of ensuring they leave better and cured. Dr Prasun and Dr Shilpi are excellent with their dedication and hardwork. Every day they check on your pain levels and tweak the treatment and exercises depending on the progress. Highly recommended Physio clinic !

    thumb Sundar Padmanabhan
    September 18, 2023
  • Must recommend place if you want a perfect physio solution. This centre works in a coordinated manner in which there would be an assessment at first followed by the goal setting and treatment protocol well explained to the patients. All the queries will be answered by the incharge Dr. CHANDNI and her team of well trained physios. There is a variety of treatments available including the advanced LASER therapy. The best thing which distinguish this centre from other fellow centres is that they follow "In centre rehabilitation protocol with plyometrics". It is actually the "ALL SOLUTIONS UNDER ONE ROOF" for the complete patient centred care. Experience the quality! I'm 💯 satisfied and you will also be.✨

    thumb Thomas Varghese
    September 12, 2023
  • I had a history of chronic neck pain, and I am talking about pain more than a decade. This pain was like a part of my life. But few months back the pain exacerbated. Then my sister suggested me this clinic as she had already taken treatment from there. Trust me when I say this, I had visited not less than 10-15 different physiotherapy centres over the period of last ten years, and no physiotherapy clinic that I visited came close to the level of professionalism, dedication and service that Actilife provide. The head doctor Chandani ma'am there, she is not only a wonderful woman but so good at her diagnosis, I can't even explain in words. She understood my problem and the treatment she gave my pain completely disappeared after 30 days of therapy. She has a team of highly skilled doctors who are equally good at doing what they do. I was treated by Dr. Prazoon and Dr Shilpi.They listen to your problem very patiently and give you the required treatment. Their manual therapy, cupping, electro, the way they guide you for your exercise and give full time and put total effort, I was amazed. They target the root cause. Every patient that came were given treatment as per their requirements. Just after few days of my treatment, I understood that these people are not here for money like other physiotherapy clinics. They actually want to help the patient. Their agenda is to help the patient fully recover and they do it with full commitment and care. If anyone has any requirement for physiotherapy treatment, this is the number one place in the whole of India and not just banglore. It's been 2 months that I completed my treatment. After that I have been doing regular exercise, minding my posture and using a proper chair while I work, I haven't felt any discomfort once. I am so thankful to Chandani ma'am, Dr Prazoon and Dr Shilpi. These people are "healers with hearts". I would recommend anyone in need to visit this place and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Just imagine that you were living with a chronic pain and it goes away because you have been treated by the right people. My only reason to write such a long note is because I am grateful and I want help those who are in pain and looking for the right help. Thank you so much Actilife Physiotherapy!!!

    thumb Anamika Bhartiya
    September 12, 2023
  • A very good physio therapy clinic . Dr Chandini and Dr. Shilpi are very good at their work . The treatment has helped me a lot . Thank you Chandini and Shilpi .

    thumb Vidya Bhat
    July 11, 2023
  • The treatment is very effective, they take very good care on solving the issue step by step. Very structured and methodical, personal care is very good. You will happy when you interact with thw team. Shilpi has been wonderful and her treatment is very effective. Thanks a lot

    thumb Umesh Gaur
    March 6, 2023
  • The absolute best physiotherapy clinic you can go for! Went here after a foot fracture for ankle and foot mobility. Chandini ma'am is very good at diagnosing what the issue is and prescribing the best treatment for it. They look at the long term as well and help us with exercises that will strengthen not only the injured area, but also the adjacent muscles over time. Everyone is compassionate and helpful at the clinic. This has made a huge difference in how well and how fast my foot has gotten back to normal.

    thumb Bhamini Ganesh
    February 17, 2023
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